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Fresh Cigars

Enhance your smoking experience

Make the most of what you smoke

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Built for the discerning enthusiast

And those who want to be one

Make Smoking Social

See what friends are smoking and share your own smoking adventures. Find and chat with people with similar tastes in cigars, and see what cigars everyone recommends.

Find New Cigars

Explore reviews from people with similar tastes and find cigars you may not have tried before. Discover pairings and inventory all from the same place on your phone.

Keep Track of your Cigars

Easily keep track of the cigars you've smoked; which ones you liked, which ones you disliked, and which ones you still have in your humidor. Add cigars to your wishlist so you (or your friends) can easily find them again later.

Row of Cigars

Unwrappd for Business

Connect with potential customers

Find smokers that would be most interested in your cigars based on their tastes and smoking history


Follow trends and tastes

See what's popular in the smoking world, and with who. See what's selling, who's buying, and what smokers are saying

Our Purpose

We value freedom

Our aim is to celebrate your freedom – and to help you share it with others. To echo the words of the legendary Hunter S. Thompson,

"Freedom is something that dies unless it is used"

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